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We offer the most comprehensive and cost effective wills and trusts online and you can too! Its easy to sell something that is good for your customers and you believe in!

Big Commissions

Easily earn 50% commissions on our estate planning products with our tiered commission structure. Product pricing ranges from $79-$399. The pricing is cost effective for your customers. In the past estate planning packages could costs thousands of dollars. Your customer gets a great deal, you get a great commission. Win-Win!

What makes Wills and Trusts Inc. so special?

Our products were crafted by attorneys and integrated into our custom built system ,utilizing the latest technology, by technology professionals. This is why we can offer comprehensive and easy to use products at an affordable price. Other online estate planning providers sell only a portion of what a complete estate plan should contain. We pride ourselves ob providing everything that a complete estate planning package should have.

What are customers saying about Wills and Trusts Inc……..

“This was great to use. I literally had it done in 15 minutes. Will recommend to my friends and family.”

Michelle R.

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Advanced Tracking

We have integrated advanced tracking technology to ensure you earn commissions on your sales. You are assigned a unique link that you your customers click. Our site logs their ip address and cookies on their first visit and stores it indefinitely. Even if they purchase a year later, you get the commission.

Wills and Trusts Inc

Online Estate Planning, Easy and Affordable.

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